Noonan Adventures: 11 of 

… well, other days just aren’t so great.

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Noonan Adventures: 10 of 

For Nina, some days pass by in a rather quiet fashion, filled with all good things like naps, grilled cheese sandwiches, Sims Forever and painting. But other days… 

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Noonan Adventures: 9 of 

Clearly the best time for gardening and working on an absolute masterpiece is very late at night and really early in the morning. There are perks to being awake at dawn, however, like when Nina spies a friendly face walking by. Obviously the logical thing to do, after a hug and a chat, is to take a selfie together.

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Noonan Adventures: 8 of 

After spending the day at Magnolia Blossom Park there was still more exploring of Willow Creek to be done. Unfortunately it was getting rather late (and Nina was desperate for the loo), so the magnificent tree that is surely more than it seems will have to be further investigated in the future. 

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Noonan Adventures: 7 of 

Nina went to Magnolia Blossom Park on her day off, so of course I went a little nuts with the screencapping. I weirdly appreciate the challenge the “post processing effects” poses, though I could certainly do with a “no fade” mod for the trees and shrubbery.

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Noonan Adventures: 6 of 

All too soon Nina gets a job as a painter and she’s doesn’t seem to like how tired it makes her, or how little time it leaves to play computer games. Sometimes she even sleeps-in and nearly misses work after staying up late to paint.

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sectumsimpra replied to your photoset:

aaaah these are so pretty! *-*

Thank you so much! 

Noonan Adventures: 5 of 

A new day dawns bright and sunny over Willow Creek (as all days do in an eternal Summer) and there are plenty of important things to be done, like frying eggs and toast and playing Sims Forever. Job? Bills? Aspirations? Nah, not yet (soon though).

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Noonan Adventures: 4 of 

Frogs, forgotten fry-pans and fishy conversations. Nina spends a lot of time at home, so it’s good that Mortimer likes to visit often (usually unannounced) and she has a lot of penpals and people to chat to online to keep her social bar nice and green.

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