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Chevron Bobbles Wallpaper

31 chevron wallpapers using ohevers' colors. They work with all 3 wall heights and they cost 2 simoleons.

credits: ohevers | colorlovers | sims 4 studio


*direct light to wallpapers make them look gross, just a warning.

i love you <33
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Sorry, folks, for the lack of Noonan updates/posts in general. I’ve been super distracted lately, and there are so many pictures to edit it’s a little overwhelming (I guess that’s what I get for playing so far ahead :P).



: the perfect base action to add a touch of brightness and vibrancy to an image. You can see more example pictures here. I’ve been using this action for a few years now and I’m really quite proud of it; it works on all kinds of images, both TS2 and TS3 and is the simplest form of editing, with just a click here and an adjustment there (if needed).

Included in the download:

  1. "Holy Colours, Batman!" : the main action, consisting of layers that brighten and add vibrancy to the image.
  2. HCB - selective colouring : actions that adjust certain colours depending on which you choose.



  • This set does not include cropping, resizing or sharpening as part of the actions. Ideally one would crop the image, add the action(s), then add an unsharp mask layer (filter > sharpen > unsharp mask), resize the image and add a sharpening layer.
  • Also not included is the radial (grey - two shades) gradient layer that I add after using the HCB action. If you’re curious, I simply drag the gradient layer over the image and set to overlay, 80-100%.
  • If you find your image is a little too bright, go to edit > step backward and it will undo the flattening, thus allowing you to adjust the opacity of the curves layer.
  • Have fun with these! Pick them apart, use them all the time or sporadically, leave them in a folder to gather virtual computer dust — whatever you like. Just let me know if there are any problems and enjoy! :)

Handy Tips:

  • Use a screenshot program - such as Fraps or Gadwin - rather than the in-game camera to take your screenshots.
  • Always edit your image before resizing.

Other HCB versions:

Reblogging this here for the lovely anonymous people sending me asks inquiring about how I’ve been editing my Noonan Adventures pictures. :)

Yay!!! Gameplay pictures! :D
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Yay, indeed! :D

Noonan Adventures: 13 of 

Y’know when you have one of those days where you’re just outside, randomly reading a book, and you see a shirtless guy wandering by in his pajamas with a rather fabulous beard you’re all, “Heeeey..” and he’s all, “Heeey?” and you get so overwhelmed that you decide to go and have a BBQ with all of your neighbours and then spend the rest of the afternoon/night reading on a park bench?


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Noonan Adventures: 12 of 

On yet another bright and sunny day (oh seasons, you’re going to be awesome in ts4) Nina’s old pal Mortimer comes by for yet another visit. Seriously, he’s over all the time and I think Nina’s questioning look in the last picture translates to: “Dude, you have a wife and kids. Shouldn’t you spend some time at home?” But between working and trying to, y’know, stay alive, she doesn’t get out much so she’s happy for his company.

Noonan Adventures: 11 of 

… well, other days just aren’t so great.

Noonan Adventures: 10 of 

For Nina, some days pass by in a rather quiet fashion, filled with all good things like naps, grilled cheese sandwiches, Sims Forever and painting. But other days… 

Noonan Adventures: 9 of 

Clearly the best time for gardening and working on an absolute masterpiece is very late at night and really early in the morning. There are perks to being awake at dawn, however, like when Nina spies a friendly face walking by. Obviously the logical thing to do, after a hug and a chat, is to take a selfie together.

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